You said:         ‘Difficult to get through on phone at 8am’

  • We stopped patients coming to the desk at 8am and jumping the queue and distracting reception from answering the phone.
  • We are in the process of signing up to a new telephone provider which will enable patients to select a call back from the practice when the lines are busy.


You said:         ‘The waiting room is boring and dull’

  • We started to introduce posters back into the waiting room.
  • We have invited local artists to display their artwork at the practice, both in the waiting room and up the corridor.
  • We are setting up a bring and share table in the waiting room, for patients to bring down any unwanted or surplus items they have, and for other patients to help themselves to anything that they can use. (There will be a donation tin for any voluntary contributions).
  • We are going to purchase a new TV communication screen.


You said:         ‘Disappointed that there are no baby changing facilities’

  • We have bought a baby changing station, and it is being fitted in the disabled patient loo in the New Year.