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As part of our contractual obligation to NHS England, Batheaston Medical Centre is changing the way that we deal with booking appointments. Reception have been asked to elicit the reason for the call and signpost patients to the most appropriate service.
This may mean that if you were hoping to speak to your GP about a something that can be dealt with by a pharmacist, you may be referred to a chemist instead. Reception are able to send a task to your local chemist, who will contact you and arrange for treatment.
You may also be offered an appointment directly with a physiotherapist rather than seeing the GP first.
It is hoped that this will free up some appointment slots for those patients who need to a see a GP and have no alternative treatment options.
We ask that you bear with us as we make these changes, and be as patient as you can with the reception team. They are doing their best and working hard to make the service work for both doctors and patients.

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