Flu Vaccine 2018

People who are eligible for the flu vaccine this year include:

  • Adults aged 65 and over
  • Adults aged 18-64 with a chronic health condition
  • Children aged 2-3 via their GP practice
  • School children in years reception, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Pregnant women
  • Health and social care workers
  • Carers
  • Morbidly obese people

School-aged children in reception and years 1–5 will be offered the vaccination at school by school nursing teams.

Adults with chronic conditions need the flu vaccine because people with respiratory diseases like COPD, emphysema or asthma are seven times more likely to die if they catch flu, and people with cardiovascular problems like chronic heart disease or angina, or have had a stroke, are 11 times more likely to die. The risk is far worse for those with chronic liver disease, who are 48 times more likely to die if they get flu.

Flu is a viral infection that is spread through coughs and sneezes. Most people recover with rest in a week, but people with chronic conditions or who are over 65 should call NHS 111. Doctors may prescribe antivirals in some cases which can help speed up recovery but is not a cure.

There is no cure for flu. Getting the vaccine if you are eligible and practising good hand hygiene is the best way to prevent yourself from getting it.

The flu vaccine typically becomes available in early October. If you think you are eligible for a flu vaccination please contact our reception team on 01225 858128.

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